Modular  Construction

Modular construction is one of the fastest growing building applications. Modular construction combines the use of traditional building techniques with highly controlled and efficient manufacturing techniques to deliver construction projects faster and smarter to customers. Modular construction componentizes buildings so projects have greater control over the quality of the product and construction time in delivering a project. Modular construction has been seen as the solution to reducing the risks in building projects. Modular construction has been proven to be successful in reducing the risk of weather impact on schedules, risk of quality and consistency of works and the risk of a lack of available and skilled labourto professionally complete projects. Modular buildings take a traditional building and creatively break down the building into transportable compartments that make it easier to transport and handle.Compliance with building regulations ensures the modules maintain their structural integrity at all times. The Quality of finishes and fixtures in Modular construction can be to the highest standards imaginable. Modular construction is an ideal solution to the environment, with such a large land mass, significant growth regional areas and reducing skilled and available workforces, Modular construction is a cost effective, fast and high quality solution to all construction projects, whether they be big or small.