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Why Singapore?

    Neutral and independent foreign policy: Singapore maintains a neutral and independent foreign policy and seeks to maintain good relations with all countries, including China and the US. While valuing its partnership with the US, Singapore recognizes the importance of maintaining good relations with China, a major trading partner and investor in the region. Singapore's history of maintaining good relations with all countries allows it to navigate the complex geopolitical landscape in the Asia-Pacific region.

    Business-friendly environment: Singapore is a politically stable and business-friendly country with a strong legal system, skilled workforce, and well-developed infrastructure. It is committed to free trade and has signed numerous free trade agreements, which promote trade and investment, reduce barriers to entry, and improve market access for businesses. This creates a level playing field and greater certainty in the global marketplace for companies.

Why H Business?

    Strong core competency: our core professional services include incorporating companies in various countries and supporting their operations in Singapore and Australia.

    Highly skilled professional team:  our team of professionals is highly skilled and has a well-diversified background with a deep understanding of both Eastern and Western cultures. With a strong network of partners and contacts around the world, we are well-positioned to identify potential investment opportunities in different markets and industries. By leveraging our expertise and network, we can help your company access new markets, expand its reach, and achieve sustainable growth through strategic partnerships for global asset investment.

Your Personalised Family Office

Family Office based in Singapore dedicated to meeting your present needs in wealth and beyond,
while aligning with your vision for the future.

Our goal is to assist you with setting up and simplifying private wealth management by
offering customised family office services to deliver long-term value to you and your legacy.

Interested to learn more about establishing your personalised family office?


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